Digital data extraction from industrial monitors using video analytics

画像: ビデオ分析活用による工業モニタからのデジタルデータの抽出(英語)

The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) has seen fundamental changes in data acquisition, storage and analysis to create new value in multiple verticals such as manufacturing, energy, oil, gas, transportation and so on. IoT in conjunction with machine learning and AI has the potential of transforming society and improving human life. The challenges and constraints of a successful IoT deployment is also not unique but variable. A useful categorization is to contrast between IoT solutions for new greenfield applications (such as smart cities, smart home, autonomous driving) versus legacy brownfield applications (such as manufacturing, oil and gas). The latter is often termed as Industrial IoT (IIoT) [1] to distinguish from the former and typically relate to critical societal infrastructure deployments which must be in continuous 24x7 operation. Any introduction of IoT for these use cases must respect existing reliability, availability and safety constraints before attempting to improve aspects of existing operations [2].


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