“AI for Powering Good” – A joint workshop by Hitachi & Mila

画像: “AI for Powering Good”– 日立とMILA (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms)ジョイントワークショップ

In October 2019, the “AI for Powering Good” workshop was organized as part of a research collaboration project which has been going on between Mila (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms) and Hitachi since spring 2019. The event attracted more than 20 researchers from the Hitachi Global Research and hundreds of students and professors from Mila. The program included not only scientific contents but also networking sessions and presentations from start-ups and businesses in Montreal. Professor Yoshua Bengio who leads the research at Mila and was awarded the 2018ACM A.M, Turing Award for “conceptual and engineering breakthrough that have made deep neural networks a critical component of computing,”, and Dr. Yuichi Yagawa, General Manager of the Central Research Laboratory of Hitachi, Ltd., both gave keynote speeches.


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