Analyzing attack path in a network topology to secure IT infrastructure from cyber attacks

画像: サイバー攻撃からITインフラを守るためのネットワークトポロジーにおける攻撃経路の分析(英語)

Protecting IT infrastructure from cyber-attacks requires network risk detection and response strategy. The effort required to protect with this strategy depends on the number of resources in a network to be protected. Widespread practice is to scan vulnerabilities in the devices in the IT network and mitigate those vulnerabilities by patching the vulnerable software with latest security patches. There are vulnerability scanners which scan the devices in the IT network of an organization in a routine manner and provide the vulnerability report to the IT security operator to get it patched. Mitigating all vulnerabilities in the IT network is a difficult task, due to less time to patch and the large number of vulnerabilities.


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