Accelerate the creation of IT x OT solutions using Common Analytics Framework

画像: 共通分析フレームワークによるIT x OTソリューション創生の加速(英語)

With the increase in use of interconnected sensors, smart machines in industrial operations produce a continuous stream of sensor data, event data, and contextual data. In order to improve operational efficiency of these systems, the data needs to be intelligently managed and analyzed. To align with this trend, Hitachi has developed many innovative analytics solutions [1] utilizing big data technologies to process and extract insights from a large amount of heterogeneous data coming from customer systems. At the same time, there is a strong customer demand for complex big data analytics applications involving IT x OT, that is the integration of IT systems with OT systems to achieve connected and optimized industrial operations. One approach to developing such applications is to build them from scratch for every customer (Figure 1-A). However, this approach is time-consuming and has the following drawbacks [1]:


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