Realizing AI marketplace for real-time sensing system

画像: リアルタイムセンシングシステムを用いたAIマーケットプレイスの実現に向けて(英語)

Industrial IoT, the extension of the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial sectors, and AI are increasingly seen as promising technologies to address multiple issues especially in the manufacturing sector, such as unscheduled downtimes which are a common occurrence and a major cause of lost productivity and delayed customer deliveries. While most of manufacturers identify it as a major issue, they lack the awareness and necessary tools [1][2] to resolve this problem. Industrial IoT and AI can provide effective solutions to both these problems. There are however challenges owing to the brownfield nature of industrial IoT where a typical deployment suffers inadequate data acquisition, ad-hoc data modeling, lack of data cleansing etc. This is further compounded when dealing with high-speed high-volume sensor data such as vibration, acoustic, ultrasonic etc. Therefore there is a need for a unified IoT system that’s AI-centric, i.e. creating a modular and scalable data pipeline that can realize an AI marketplace with plug-and-play orchestration of multiple analytics solutions.


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