Predicting the future with connected car data

画像: コネクティッドカーデータを用いた未来予測手法(英語)

With the recent advances in artificial intelligence and controller technologies, progressive control algorithms to make cars smarter are being introduced in the automotive field. Researchers have been exploring the applicability of optimization-based algorithms to several automotive applications, such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving. These approaches have great potential for improving efficiency, comfort, and safety, since vehicle operation is optimized in consideration of future events. Previous research has investigated various types of events, especially deterministic events such as road gradient, road curvature, speed limit, and traffic signal, as these come with promising solutions such as digital road maps and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) infrastructure. On the other hand, predicting surrounding vehicle behavior, which has a significant effect on vehicle control strategy, is still challenging due to its uncertainty.


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