Reducing customer waiting time by tour division and dynamic route optimization

画像: 顧客満足度向上に向けた配送サービス待ち時間短縮技術(英語)

The convenience of online shopping based on stable supply chains has become something we take for granted in our daily lives, and its importance has only grown with the role it played in ensuring people received necessary goods in a timely manner, serving populations in remote areas as well those whose mobility may be restricted for a variety of reasons, including the current outbreak of COVID-19. Ensuring the efficient delivery of items in minimum time, i.e., minimizing customer waiting time from order to delivery, is central to ensuring the reliability of this “convenience.” My colleagues and I looked at how we could use tour division and dynamic route optimization, which takes into consideration the dynamic changes in traffic and order conditions, to minimize customer waiting time. This is particularly pertinent to same day deliveries.


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